Thermal Imaging

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Limited Thermal Imaging Included

We're delighted to provide you with certified Thermal Imaging services. What sets us apart is that we include limited thermal imaging in all 3 of our single-family residential inspection packages, without charging an additional fee. We're determined to offer you a complete home inspection, and not charge you for things that should be included as standard.

Our Thermal Imaging service utilizes a Military Grade 'FLIR' camera that's state-of-the-art and the best in the industry. It's capable of detecting issues that are invisible to the naked eye, such as active leaks, insulation gaps, bad seals, overheating wires or breakers, and more. These are all essential things to know when buying a home.

During our inspection, we'll scan readily accessible areas like the main electrical service panel, kitchen sink base cabinet, and bathroom vanities.

Example of thermal imaging inside electrical panel
We found something in an electrical panel during our inspection. Is it a cause for concern? The answer was no in this case, and we can explain why!

Full Interior Thermal Imaging

We also offer a comprehensive 'Full Interior Thermal Imaging' report that can be purchased as an add-on or standalone report. The comprehensive report will provide you with results that will showcase any missing insulation, gaps in insulation, inefficient windows, broken or misaligned door seals, and other issues. This information can be utilized to improve the thermal envelope of your home, resulting in optimal thermal efficiency, ultimate comfort, and, reduced energy consumption.